Stuck in Long Weekend Traffic? 5 Ways to Make the Long Trip to the Cottage Bearable

We’ve all been there. You leave town at noon on Friday, hoping to beat the rush hour traffic on the way up north to your cottage — only to find that every other family had the exact same idea. Now, you and your family have to settle in for what could be a half dozen hours on the road before finally landing in your slice of paradise.

These tips will help make the journey feel a little less long.

1. Listen to Podcasts

I love audiobooks, but I tend to avoid them on long trips, since listening to the same voice for hours on end gets monotonous. Instead, I stick to podcasts, which are usually no more than an hour long. They’re something everyone in the car can enjoy, including the driver, since they’re no more distracting than the radio.

2. Rate the Real Estate You Pass

One thing I enjoy doing on long trips is rating the homes and cottages we pass by. This often takes a bit of a mean-spirited bent, where we pick apart the flaws of each passing shack and McMansion. This relieves some of the frustration you feel when your vehicle is going nowhere fast. It’s a fun way to forget where you’re at for a little while. If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no houses in sight, it’s always fun to flip through real estate or model home catalogues (like the ones from and rate those.

3. Take Up Geocaching

If you don’t mind extending the length of your commute a bit, a great way to break up the monotony of driving is to make a few roadside geocaching stops on the way up north. It lets you stretch your legs and gives you something to look forward to at various points in the journey.

4. Bring Good Truck Snacks

As a rule, my family never sets out for a journey longer than an hour in length without packing some truck snacks. “Truck snacks” are a catch-all term my family applies to any and all food or beverages we pack on a trip, whether or not we’re actually taking the pickup. What a difference it makes when you can reach into a cooler bag a pull out a handful of peanut butter-filled pretzels or chocolate covered almonds. Truck snacks instantly improve any trip, period.

5. Get Comfortable

Sitting in any one place for six hours at a time sucks, no matter how you slice it. The longer the trip, the harder it gets to distract yourself from the resulting aches and pains. So take steps to make yourself as comfy as possible — it’ll make the other measures you take to pass the time faster more effective. Consider packing a travel pillow, handheld fans, tissues (for blowing your nose or wiping sweat) and sunglasses (especially for the driver).


Some Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency

The signs and symptoms of iron-deficiency can only be determined by its severity. The mild to moderate condition, you will not able to see any signs or symptoms to the person suffering with iron-deficiency. But when the signs and symptoms occur, it may range from mild to severe. There are several of the signs and symptoms of iron-deficiency is related to all types of anemia. It is good to know the signs and symptoms of iron-deficiency but it is more important to prevent this condition.

As all medical practitioners saying, preventive is better than cure. But having knowledge for this kind of condition because you can identify easy the person experiencing this condition and can help him/her to regain the deficiency lost to the body. You must be aware to some symptoms of iron deficiency that mostly people all over the world experienced already. The signs and symptoms of iron-deficiency includes the swelling or soreness of the tongue, brittle nails, an enlarged spleen, cracks in the sides of the mouth and frequent infections. As you increase your awareness, you will be able to detect and prevent this condition.

This doesn’t apply only for adults to worry to get this kind of condition. Iron deficiency can also affect all age bracket if you don’t have enough iron for your body. Usually children are more at greater risk. If the children have an existing condition of iron-deficiency anemia, they are at risks for lead poisoning and infections. Also if you have some condition of intestinal bleeding, it may cause iron deficiency because of losing so much blood. Pregnant women and those experiencing very heavy menstrual bleeding, long periods or other vaginal bleeding is at risk for iron-deficiency anemia. A healthy iron supplements for kids and adults will help them avoid this condition. Iron supplements helped fight and prevent every person that may suffer to iron deficiency.


Plan for Your Next Party

Whether it’s a fraternity party or just an afternoon with friends watching the big game, beer is the beverage of choice for many. You can mix and match or stick with a 2-4 of your favorite, though dealing with many bottles and the subsequent clean-up can be a pain.

One way to get around this is to use a keg. It can hold quite a bit of beer and there is only that one (or more, if you have a lot of people) container to deal with. In order to get the brew ready for consumption, though, you need a special keg cooler. These are often known as kegerators because, as you probably guessed, they are a refrigerator designed to hold kegs.

Have you ever had beer from a keg at a party? They are a snap to use. There is also something very cool about getting your beer “on tap.” Seems more unique and fun than simply cracking open a can or bottle.

As you are no doubt aware if you have accidentally sampled skunky beer, it is imperative to keep your favorite brew fresh. Kegerators are great for this and will keep beer ready to serve for long periods of time.

Like all equipment, kegerators require some basic maintenance from time to time. However, it is well worth the effort. Think about how much less mess and empty beer bottles you will have to deal with going forward.

Getting the right kegerator for your beer is a snap. There are several different types and colors to choose from. They also come in different sizes to accommodate the different sized keg options available. Think also about the space you have available in your home or apartment. Don’t pick a cool looking kegerator and then find you don’t have enough space for it.

Technology Use Under Water

Drones are very popular now as people used it for aerial photography. Also it has many purpose such as it can be used in surveying a place that was contaminated by some chemical, exploring different things without actually getting closer to the subject and more specific reason of uses. Technology really improved as time goes by. Everyone can experience and the advantage part is you can learn it fast.


The opposite of drones is called ROVs. ROVs is use for underwater purposes. ROVs was developed for a specific reason. It is usually used by people with business involving with pipes and tanks underwater. There are industries that can benefit the use of ROVs such as Aquaculture, Underwater Discovery, Oil and Energy, Commercial Salvage, Infrastructure, Military First Responders and Marine Survey Shipping. ROVs is very easy to use as it is like a submarine with camera that can be remotely controlled. The system that the ROVs has are built to last in hard ocean environments. The control of the ROVs have a patented pitching system and gaming style controller. It is quick and easy to learn how to pilot. ROVs are portable, affordable, and easy to use solution to anyone that wants to look underwater.

The advantage part of having a ROV, you will no longer risk your life or someone’s life just to survey the scene underwater. With the underwater vehicle that is remotely operated you can do anything and accomplish, or can even solve some crime related problems. By use of the ROVs it is fast and competently examine underwater infrastructure, record aquaculture, check pipelines and tanks without diver intervention, and more. It also can record your inspections for documentation purposes with the use of underwater camera. The HD video is captured in real time, and anyone can pilot the ROVs.


Welcome To Tropical Reservations

We are glad you found our website!  Tropical Reservations is all about booking the perfect tropical vacation for you and your group.  Whether it’s Hawaii, the Maldives, or Aruba, all the details about these beautiful locations can be found here.  For each post, we’d like to highlight a particular island and show off the pros and cons.  For this week, we chose Bora Bora.

Many say Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  You know how those brochures depict turquoise waters and white sand?  It’s 100% real.  When you land in Bora Bora, all you’ll see is paradise.  You are even able to see coral reef right by your bungalow above the most clear water you’ll ever see.


One of the cons about Bora Bora is getting there.  You first have to fly to Tahiti, then depending on your resort, take a few boat rides until you reach your final destination.  However, the trip is completely worth the view.